Who we are

About Cult 45 Covfefe

Cult 45 Covfefe is more than just good coffee. We are Proud supporters of our President and to show our support we started this Covfefe company just so we can see some liberals cry.

WHY Cult 45?

Cult 45 Covfefe is everything the democrats hate!!!

Cult 45– represents not only our second amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (yes we know the gun is spelled Colt .45) but it is a play on words. Not only for a gun but for our 45th president and his cult like followers.

Covfefe–  can be whatever you want it to be! In our case we choose coffee. But none the less the Presidents typo sent the crying democrats into a frenzy and that is just another reason why we have to use the word.

So join the Cult 45 club and be part of the winning team.


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